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  1. boromirs:

    Homer, The Iliad

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  3. sonic-screwdildo:

    do other girls actually go to bed with their bras on or is that just in movies because i would never wear a bra to bed its like going to bed with tape on your mouth

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  5. holland-road-to-moonlight-drive:

    Screenshots from Oliver Proudlock’s Instagram of Justin Hayward-Young, Winston Marshall, and a few other friends singing at a wedding.

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  6. momlonde:




    do you ever see a photograph of someone really attractive from like the 1800s and you suddenly get pissed because they’ve been dead for like 200 years and you probably don’t have a chance with them


    “We have to go back”


    you are the first person to add a comment to this that wasnt doctor who and it made me smile too bless your soul

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  7. wednesdayaleen:



    Add for German home improvement company shows dad doing something special for his goth daughter.


    *cries all over rug*

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  8. buckybarneswho:

    Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

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  9. alextimmons:




    Plot twist: The next companion is a normal girl/boy who only dies once in their lifetime and has no remarkable back story but he thinks they’re wonderful because they are human and the Doctor needs reminding that you don’t need to be a mystery to be remarkable. 

    #and the doctor never has to kiss them or sexualize them at all #in fact they are not even attracted to the doctor

    so basically we want Donna back


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  10. cecilyjeanne:


    Moving out of the apartment

    This is, without a doubt, the saddest photo I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE.

    I would cry

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